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Rebecca Peinhardt, Nursing



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4:00-4:10pm | Houston Cole Library, 11th Floor


Raising awareness of global health issues as well as providing culturally appropriate healthcare through service-learning programs are important components of nursing education. Online education provides increased flexibility, access, and cost-effectiveness in nursing education because attending classes on campus is often difficult for nurses due to their work schedules and family and other responsibilities. Faculty utilize teaching strategies such as online courses to engage students and increase interest levels in service-learning projects. If faculty use these strategies well, graduate nursing students are more likely to participate in global health initiates. The aim of this project was to investigate the interest levels of graduate nursing students in university-community engagement and participation in international service-learning. In order to accurately assess graduate nursing students’ interest in international service-learning, an online introductory course related to international service-learning was developed and offered for free enrolment in the course. There are many benefits from graduate nursing student’s participation in international service-learning programs as a part of their educational experience, such as serving global community needs, helping those in need, and gaining cultural awareness. This DNP project will effectively allow for the evaluation of the impact of participation in an introduction to international service-learning course on students’ interest in global health initiatives. Upon completion of the June 2019 term, a post-course interest survey will be administered to examine the beliefs and interest of graduate nursing students in global health and global health initiatives.


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Advancing Global Health: An Introduction to International Service Learning for Nurses

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