JSU Student Symposium 2022

Machine Learning


Machine Learning



Faculty Mentor

Monica Trifas, Mathematics, Computing & Information Sciences


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1:15-1:25pm | Houston Cole Library, 11th Floor


In our work, we have explored the principles used in machine learning and a set of applications of machine learning in the field of probability. Machine learning is used in everyday life. It uses an algorithm to do things that it was not programmed to do, from recognizing typing patterns and predicting what would be typed next to filtering through keywords typed into google to create better ads tailored to its user. Machine learning uses an algorithm like a decision tree and other stats-based algorithms to predict what will happen next while also using the knowledge it can access from in its database. Each time the machine gets an answer right, it can change the algorithm to associate those key phrases with correct answers. Machine learning came to be from the quest for artificial intelligence. In his landmark paper "Computing Machinery and Intelligence, " Alan Turing asked a fundamental question:" "Can machine Think?". That spurred the idea that modern-day machine learning uses today. The two objectives that machine learning is used for now are to make models using data and predict the future.


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Machine Learning