JSU Student Symposium 2021

Weight Gain in Athletes


Weight Gain in Athletes



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Majid Koozehchian, Kinesiology


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It has been evident that athletes in specific sports gravitate to the need to increase weight fast and safely. Unfortunately, many of the avenue’s athletes take to gain weight is detrimental to their overall goal of gaining weight and maintaining their present performance level. In many cases strength coaches, trainers, dieticians, nutritionist, and recruiters plague young athletes’ minds to increase weight, stating that it is more desirable to recruiters if they were bigger in size. However, weight gain has its perks for competition, as it allows athletes to gain more strength and compete better. Furthermore, educating athletes how to properly gain weight through a process is more important than the end results. Numerous of uneducated athletes acknowledge the advice of gaining weight by indulging in fatty foods, fast foods, high cholesterol items and unhealthy foods to dimmish the weight gap between competitors. Take a keen magnified look at the message we are suggesting to our athletes and the potential psychological disorders, consequently leading to mal practices that can induce negative performance outcomes for these athletes. As weight gain is needed for recruiting purposes and enhanced performance, it is imperative that coaches, trainers, dieticians, and nutritionist properly educate athletes on their journey to a mass increase.


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Weight Gain in Athletes