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Let America Be America Again: Langston Hughes


Let America Be America Again: Langston Hughes



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Susan Dean, English


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The work I have chosen is a poem titled, Let America Be America Again, by Langston Hughes. I have chosen to focus on the overall diction and importance of the words utilized within the poem in efforts to identify a deeper-rooted meaning. The following sources, The Attic, Poets.Org, and Litcharts.com will all contribute to any research I intend to conduct. There are many connections that will be made concerning this particular work. For example, we can easily distinguish this work as a work of literature throughout the Harlem Renaissance. We can also examine the works of other African American artists during the Harlem Renaissance such as Claude McKay. During this time, segregation was still permitted, and blacks were still given the short end of the stick all around. These events inspired Hughes to discuss the hardships that blacks faced as well as all minorities in America. He depicts America as a nation that has failed to keep any and all promises. This video essay mainly establishes a connection between the famous MAGA slogan, with Let America Be America Again.


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Let America Be America Again: Langston Hughes