JSU Student Symposium 2020
Evaluation of Anti-wrinkling Properties of Chili Pepper (Capsicum Annum) Extract



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Mijitaba Hamissou, Biology


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Houston Cole Library, 11th Floor | 10:45-10:55 a.m.


Aging is a natural process of living organisms that consists of becoming older. In human and other animals, aging is accompanied by several physiological changes. These include deterioration, oxidation and wrinkle formation. Wrinkle formation may also be caused by various environmental factors such as excessive exposure to sun, pollution, and continuous deprivation of sleep. These environmental factors in turn cause oxidation of the skin cells and degradation of the subcutaneous fatty acid layer, leading to the formation of wrinkles. The global anti-aging industry is estimated to be worth over fifty-billion United States dollars. Plant based products are alternative methods for treating wrinkles of the skin or premature aging. Several antioxidants naturally found in plants, such as the pepper, have been associated with slowing or preventing wrinkle formation and premature skin aging. Pepper belongs to the species Capsicum annuum. It is a vegetable, native to southern and central America and Africa. It is a relative of the tomato and the potato. Pepper comes in several colors including green, yellow, orange, and red. It also comes in several flavors such as sweet, bitter, sour and spicy hot. There are several health benefits associated with the consumption of chili pepper including increasing appetite, treating anemia, improving eyesight, supporting hair growth, and supporting skin health. Chili peppers are believed to be high in vitamin A, a group of unsaturated organic molecules important in growth and development. They may also contain vitamin E, a fat-soluble antioxidant that protects lipids from oxidizing, as well as vitamin C, an essential nutrient in tissue repair. The objectives of this study are to investigate the vitamin A, E, and C contents of chili pepper extract and to investigate the effects of chili pepper extract on the growth and development of tobacco, Nicotiana tobacum, callus. The experimental procedures consisted of culturing tobacco callus and tobacco explants on tumor inducing media, Murashige and Skoog (MS) media supplemented with pepper extract. Callus formation, growth, and health status will be recorded.


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Presentation Information

Alvarez, M. (2020, 14 February). Evaluation of anti-wrinkling properties of chili pepper (Capsicum annum) extract. Paper presented at the 2020 JSU Student Symposium, Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL.

Evaluation of Anti-wrinkling Properties of Chili Pepper (Capsicum Annum) Extract